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Cataract is themost common disorder known to mankind. Cataract surgeries are the most commonly performed surgeries in the world.

Cataract is truly not a disease but an age related change that occurs in the eye.

Just like a lens in a camera focusses objects, the lens inside the eye acts similarly. The lens is a clear, glass like structure when we are young, and when we age this clear lens turns opaque resulting in poor vision. This is cataract.

The average age a person develops cataract is around 60 to 75 years of age.However, cataract can develop even earlier or later.

The only modality of treatment for cataract is surgery. But, the timing of surgery is flexible. One need not wait for the cataract to be complete (mature) to plan for surgery. Surgery is necessary when the vision is not up to one’s satisfaction. Modern cataract surgery involves removal of the cataract through a 2mm incision and replacing it with an artificial lens (IOL).

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Advances in medical technology make cataract surgery a day care procedure where the duration for surgery typically lasts around 6 to 7 minutes with no injections or stitches. Following this, normal vision is restored with no requirement of dark glasses/ eye patches. Routine activity including driving, cooking or watching TV can be resumed within a day or two after the procedure.

At Uma Eye Clinic, experienced surgeons and modern technology aid the end result of the surgery. With facilities like the iTrace, IOL Master 700, image guided surgeries (Callisto Eye) and Robotic laser, surgeries are performed with high degree of precision delivering excellent results.

Uma eye clinic is one of the earliest to perform Robotic laser cataract surgery with the most advanced Robotic laser system (Catalys). When surgeries are performed with Robotic laser system (Catalys), it is more gentle on the eye with higher degree of precision and accuracy to provide excellent outcomes.

At Uma eye clinic, we also provide a wide range of modern high end Intra Ocular Lenses;Aspheric IOL, Multifocal IOL, Trifocal IOL, EDOF IOL.